Brisbane School of Barbering

If you’re creative and like meeting and working with people from all walks of life, you could have a exciting and very rewarding career as a barber.

As a professional barber in Australia you’ll be part of a revitalised industry that is growing daily and where the barbershop is a place for people to come for good conversation, a clean shave and a great haircut and the Brisbane School of Barbering can help get you there.

Brisbane School of Barbering is the partner school of Brisbane’s most highly decorated and well recognised private hairdressing college, The Brisbane School of Hairdressing (BSH). BSH has been providing the highest standard of theoretical and practical education to its students for over 37 years.

The Brisbane School of Barbering currently offers the following barber education programs;

  • Barbering Pathway Program
  • Certificate III in Barbering – SHB30516

The Barbering Pathway Program

The pathway program provides the ideal entry point for people wishing to gain a foot in the door of the re-energised barbering industry.

The Brisbane School of Barbering has been delivering this 16 week intensive program since 2013 and provides units from the Certificate III in Barbering covering topics such as cutting, shaving, hot towel service, clipper and scissor techniques to name a few.

Upon successful completion of the program students will have gained the confidence and skills to kick start their new career and gain a position within the barbering industry.

Students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment (SOA) for units successfully completed which can be credited at a later stage towards the Certificate III in Barbering – SHB30516.

Barbering Pathway Programme Course Information

The Certificate III in Barbering – SHB30516

The Certificate III in Barbering was announced in mid 2016 much to the delight of the Australian barbering industry which gained its first standalone qualification in over 30 years.

In the Certificate III course you will learn and master the tools of your trade and develop practical skills that will enable you to deliver a range of services as accustomed to old school and modern barber shops.

Students will gain the knowledge and skill set to perform a broad range of modern and contemporary hair styles/cuts for men, including skin fades, razor fades, tapers, shape-ups, beard & moustaches shaping and trimming, hair art/tattooing/tracks. In addition you will also learn clipper/scissor over comb techniques, the straight razor, hot towel service, basin services, hygiene and safe work environment, tools and maintenance and others.

Certificate III in Barbering Course Information

Our Campus
Our campus is centrally located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD in the Queen Adelaide Building (Queen Street Mall) and allows easy access for our students. All theoretical and practical units are delivered on campus in our classroom and working barbershop under the direction of our professional and passionate educators.

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