It’s Not Just a Hair Style

Being a hairdresser is about so much more than simply cutting people’s hair. Our clients invite us to become a special part of their world when they depend on us to give them the look that will make them feel great about themselves.

On the hunt for some of the best ideas for making people smile, Bupa Dental Insurance recently asked us about our experiences of making people smile. We feel very privileged to have a whole host of stories that have made us smile, laugh and generally just feel good about life.

One of our favourites is Dusty’s story. Dusty, who is one of our educators, had an experience where a client came in to get her hair cut, but appeared upset. She started crying the moment she sat in the chair. She was going through a major life upset – a tough breakup with a long-term partner, and she was breaking down, as we all do sometimes.

Dusty gave her the hair cut of her life and some great colour. The client said she felt like a million dollars and came back later with flowers as her way of expressing her gratitude.

Making people look amazing with a great haircut, highlights, or a new style is rewarding; but it is connecting with our clients, touching their lives, even if for just an hour, and making them smile – that’s what makes our role so special.

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