Refund Policy

The applicable Application Fee for the course/s you have enrolled in is not refundable under any circumstances.

Any pre-paid tuition fees are held in trust until the commencement of the course.

This agreement and the availability of complaints and appeals processes does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s Consumer Protection laws.

Cancellation before course commencement

If a student withdraws/cancels from a course prior to the scheduled commencement date, tuition fees prepaid will be refunded (not including any application fee).

Cancellation/withdrawal after course commencement

If a student withdraws from a Qualification course after the scheduled commencement date, then the student must complete a Withdrawal Form and is obligated to pay the full course fees equivalent to their term of enrolment as per the applicable fee schedule for your enrolled course/s. All fees for this term must be paid even if you are asked to leave the college for non-compliance of school rules, or if your visa is cancelled.

If a student withdraws from a Short course all fees are due and payable even if you get a job or leave during the course.

If the school cancels a course, all fees will be refunded (incl. application fee) or transferred to a future course.

All withdrawals will be considered on a case by case basis. The scheduled commencement date, and the date of the Withdrawal Form becomes your enrolment period. Any calculations will be based on this enrolment period. At the schools discretion any final account will be calculated using the applicable fee schedule. Once a period of study has commenced, then fees are due for that whole period of study e.g. month, term.

Requests for Refunds

Applications for refunds must be made on an “Application for Refund Form” & submitted as soon as practicable. If a student is under 18 years of age a guardian must co-sign the Application for Refund form.

The school will consider extenuating circumstances and reserves the right to decide if it will pay a refund. Please contact our Director in writing.

Refunds are only paid in Australian Dollars and will take up to 21 working days to process from the date we receive the completed Application for Refund.

If a student’s fees remain outstanding no certificates or statements will be issued.

Course Deferment

Students physically unable to continue their studies due to exceptional circumstances may complete a “Course Deferment Form” and an interview with the principal. A deferment is valid for up to 3 months from the date it is granted. Fees due during deferment must continue to be paid.

Special Clauses for International Students Only

If, for reasons beyond the student’s control, a Student Visa is not issued a full refund of any tuition fees paid will be made upon the school’s receipt of confirmation from the visa-issuing authority.

Where a visa application is refused after commencement of the course, the student will be refunded the unspent portion of the tuition fees paid in advance.

If your visa is cancelled because of poor attendance, poor academic progress or for some other reason, all tuition fees become due and payable immediately. No refund will be made. The School is obliged to inform the Department of Immigration of any student who cancels their enrolment or commencement date.

The school will not refund any commissions already paid to your Agent (if applicable).
Compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover will be refunded if applicable. If your course has commenced or if we have already paid the health cover provider on your behalf, you will need to apply directly to them for a refund of OSHC fees.

The ESOS Act states that you may not withdraw until you have completed 6 months of your Principal Course which is the final course in the package used to get your student visa to come to Australia.

The provisions of the ESOS Act 2000 and the ESOS Regulations 2007 cover provider default.

AAH&B Refund and Fee Schedule Oct 2017