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Craig Smith
Director of Fruition Hair and Queensland Hairdresser of the Year 2010

“Education is something that I feel extremely passionate about. As such an influential force on young people, the power of an educational intuition is something that can really make the difference between a wholly positive and sometimes less than enjoyable learning experience. Brisbane School of Hairdressing is for me, one of the finest vocational colleges that I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside. As a mentor to over 20 apprentices hairdressers over the last 10 years, the calibre of hairdressing skill and technique that is taught at the college is benchmark. Personally, Jan Martin is someone who I can talk openly and honestly with, not only in relation to the development of Fruition employees, but also about the broader industry and the continuing drive to create fluidity between an educational faculty and the salon floor.”

Jonathan Muscat
Director of Blow

“Brisbane School of Hairdressing has undertaken the training of five of my apprentices over the last couple of years. I have seen my apprentices skills and understanding of their trade develop to a high level as the school ensures that the foundations of their trade are reinforced. I find that we are able to then build on those foundations to assist the apprentices reach their full potential. One of my current apprentices is hearing impaired, the school and especially Jan Martin have bent over backwards to enable my apprentice equal opportunity at school and I have watched an insecure, hearing impaired young apprentice who has never had a job become empowered with a ‘can do attitude’. Before attending Brisbane School of Hairdressing she was not sure she could ever become a qualified hairdresser but now she is confident she will finish her apprenticeship and her confidence continues to skyrocket.”

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