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Refund Policy

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Withdrawal and Refund Policy

This refund policy does not remove the student’s right to take action under Australia’s Consumer Protection laws. In addition, the School’s grievance resolution process does not inhibit the student’s right to pursue other legal remedies.


  1. Students must provide written notification where an application to study at the School is withdrawn or cancelled.  Any request for refund must be forwarded in writing to the School via email addressed to the General Manager at

  2. Excluding situations mentioned in the Defaults by the School section below, the School will pay the refunds within 4 weeks after receiving from the student the written request for a refund with all the completed relevant supporting documents.  A statement explaining how the refund was calculated will be provided.

  3. Where a refund is due, only the tuition fees paid will be refunded and they will be calculated as per the refund schedule less:

  • Any cost incurred to recruit the students (if applicable)

  • Any non-refundable fees

   4: Refunds will be paid to the student, unless written authorization is given by the student in favour of another party.


No Refunds:

No refund will be given for the following payments: Application fees, accommodation placement fees, airport pick-up fees and placements (Note: tuition fees are defined as fees directly related to the provision of the course), unless specified otherwise.

Student Default:

A student is not eligible for a refund in the event of a student default. Situations of student default include the following:

  • The student fails to pay an amount he or she was liable to pay the School, directly or indirectly, in order to undertake the course;

  • The student breaches a condition of his or her student visa;

  • The student fails to start the course on the agreed start day or attend classes and fails to inform the School in writing;

  • Misbehavior by the student; or

  • The student withdraws from the course after the agreed start day.


Defaults by the School:

  1. Situations of the School in default include the following:

  • The course does not start on the agreed starting day; or

  • The course ceases to be provided at any time after it starts but before it is completed; or

  • The course is not provided in full to the student because a sanction has been imposed on the registered provided by the authorities; and

  • The student has not withdrawn before the default day

  1. In the unlikely event that the school is unable to deliver the course in full, the School will notify the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) Director and Students within three (3) business days of the Provider default and will have a period of fourteen (14) days to satisfy its tuition protection obligations in relation to an affected student.

  2. The student will be offered a place in a suitable alternative course at the School or another provider, at no extra cost to the student, provided with a refund of all unspent tuition fees. The refund will be paid to the student within two weeks of the day on which the course ceased being provided.  The refund will be paid directly to the student or another person who has been authorized by the student in writing.

  3. The student has the right to choose whether to receive a refund of the unspent tuition fees, or accept a place in another course at the School or at another provider.

  4. If the School is unable to provide a refund or placement in an alternative course, or if it appears to the TPS Director that the School is unlikely to satisfy its tuition protection obligations, the student will have access to an on-line placement facility under the TPS. If a student requires any assistance with the placement process, a TPS administrator or service provider will be available to help the student to place them in a suitable alternative course, or it this is not possible, they will be eligible for a refund as calculated by the TPS Director.


Visa Refusal:

Where a visa application is refused before commencement of the course, the amount of refund is the lesser amount of:

      a) 5% of total course fee, or b) $500, deducted from the amount of fees received.

Where a visa application is refused after commencement of the course, the student will be refunded any unspent portion of the tuition fees paid in advance.

In both circumstances, the student must show proof of refusal and evidence of payment to the School. However, the School is not required to provide a refund if the visa was refused for any of the following acts or omissions by the student that directly or indirectly caused the student to default:-

  • Student’s failure to start the course on the agreed starting day;

  • The student’s withdrawal from the course;

  • The student’s failure to pay an amount that he or she was liable to pay the College in order to undertake the course.

If your visa is cancelled because of poor attendance, poor academic progress or for some other reason, all tuition fees become due and payable immediately. No refund will be made. The School is obliged to inform the Department of Home Affairs of any student who cancels their enrolment or commencement date. Compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover will be refunded if applicable.  If your course has commenced or if we have already paid the health cover provider on your behalf, you will need to apply directly to them for a refund of OSHC fees.


Withdrawal from Course of Study:

Notification of withdrawal from a course of study must be made in writing and signed by the student. Refund for withdrawal will be calculated based on the date of the notice of withdrawal and will be as indicated in the following tables:

Before commencement of course:

More than 4 weeks before course commencement - 70% refund of tuition fees paid + tool kit (if applicable)

4 weeks or less before course commencement - 50% refund of tuition fees paid + tool kit (if applicable)

After commencement of course*:

No refund



If a student withdraws from a Qualification course after the scheduled commencement date, then the student must complete a Notification of Withdrawal Form and is obligated to pay the full course fees equivalent to their term of enrolment as per the applicable fee schedule for your enrolled course/s. All fees for this term must be paid even if you are asked to leave the college for non-compliance of school rules. 

If a student withdraws from a Short course all fees are due and payable even if you get a job or leave during the course.

If the school cancels a course, all fees will be refunded (incl. application/deposit fee) or transferred to a future course.

All withdrawals will be considered on a case by case basis. 

The scheduled commencement date, and the date of the Withdrawal Form becomes your enrolment period. Any calculations will be based on this enrolment period. At the schools discretion any final account will be calculated using the applicable fee schedule.  Once a period of study has commenced, then fees are due for that whole period of study e.g. month, term.

Applications for refunds must be made on an “Application for Refund Form” & submitted as soon as practicable. If a student is under 18 years of age a guardian must co-sign the Application for Refund form. The school will consider extenuating circumstances and reserves the right to decide if it will pay a refund. Please contact our General Manager in writing via

Course fees are valued at a different rate to that of your payment plan. A significant portion of the course fees is sued during the beginning of the course, which includes intensive theory. Any refund requests are only considered under extenuating circumstances and will be calculated according to the applicable fee schedule. Once you begin an enrolment period you are obligated to pay the fees due as per the payment schedule.

Refund schedule:

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